K-Dubb LIVE! sessions

LIVE! Sessions are available upon request.   You can use the video in your own social platforms as well to showcase your content.


NOTE: You must have a license to use the beat in order to be uploaded to YouTube.

KDUBB Productions Live Stream - Dirty Boy "99 Problems (remi

 2019 K-Dubb Productions

Music license from Anno Domini:

LIVE! - Dirty Boy "Broke"

 2019 K-Dubb Productions 

Music license from Legion Beats:   

Artist:  Dirty Boy 

LIVE! - Monsta & Yakeebo

 K-Dubb Productions

Artist:  Yakeebo  

Artist:  Monsta 

LIVE! - Mike Mike

 K-Dubb Productions 


Artist:  Mike Mike Instagram:

LIVE! - Dirty Boy "All it Takes"

K-Dubb Productions 

Artist:  Dirty Boy 

Music by Legion Beats: 

LIVE! - Full Focus "S.G."

 K-Dubb Productions 

Artist:  Full Focus Family 

Music by Flyboy Beats:

(I need a license for this music, please!  The producer is unable to be reached) 

LIVE! - Franny B "Here We Go Again"

 K-Dubb Productions 

Artist:  Franny-B of Oakland, CA