PLEASE READ! NEW safety rules | scroll down to book


Mask's required

You must wear a mask when arriving and anytime you're not performing.  Guests must wear masks at all times.


Stay in the Booth | One guest allowed

You will be required to remain in the vocal booth for your session.   One guest is allowed, same rules apply for guests. If you need a break, everyone goes outside.  No Smoking = No Coughing


No Cash or Cards

Be prepared to pay by PayPal, CashApp, or similar form of online money exchange.  I cannot accept cash or physical credit/debit cards.


Booth is sanitized after each session

Headphones, microphone boom, door handles, mouse/controls, arm rests, etc will be thoroughly disinfected after each session.  The booth may smell like cleaner, apologies in advance.


NO SMOKING before or during sessions

Asking all to not smoke before or during sessions.  Although I cannot control what you do outside of the studio, I can tell you this;  If you cough you will be removed from the studio.  


Price Increase - $50/hour

As you can see, it takes a decent amount of supplies, time, and sacrifice to keep this operation running.  I want to be fair to everyone, including myself, so be sure to take notice of other discounts.


By clicking the button below you agree to the follow the rules listed on this page.  Price increase due to additional supplies and time needed for each session to maintain safety.

You also confirm that you are without any flu-like or coronavirus symptoms for your session.

**Failure to follow the safety rules may result in termination of session**